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The printer takes the information on your screen and transfers it to paper or a hard copy. There are two types of printers (on the basis of technology) with various levels of quality. These are Impact and Non-impact printer.

Impact Printer

     Dot-matrix printers
   1.    Uses metal pins to strike an inked ribbon to make dots on a piece of paper.
2.      Can see the dots that make up the letters or images.
3.    Lowest print quality of all of the printers.
4.    Very low in cost per page to use.
5.    Rarely used today because of the poor print quality, but still used in business to print multi-part forms.

Non Impact printer

     Ink jet printer
1.    Use drops of magnetic ink to produce dots on a page to produce text or images.
2.    The print quality is almost the same as a laser printer’s.
3.    Highest cost per page of all the printers.
4.    For producing color documents, it has the highest quality at a reasonable price.

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