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Microsoft excel 2007

Microsoft excel 2007 

Microsoft Excel is one of the popular windows-based automated spreadsheet applications that help your message data create visually persuasive charts and thought-provoking graphs. Excel is supported by both Mac. And PC platforms. Microsoft Excel can also be used to balance a checkbook, create an expense report, build formulas and edit them

Operating Microsoft Excel 2007
                        Start ---- program ---- Microsoft  ------ Microsoft office excel 2007
Opening windows of Microsoft excel 2007

Microsoft excel 2007

Part of excel 2007 :

Work book:  when you open excel, a new file is created  called book 1 ( until you name it differently ) it is called  “book” because it is a workbook that is made up of multiple worksheets.

Work sheet:  a worksheet consists of a matrix ( or grid ) of rows and columns, it allows you to enter data in a table-like format and platform calculations on the data, A worksheet consists of a cell that is organized into columns and rows. the worksheet is also called a spreadsheet

Column :  columns are the vertical markets in the worksheet and are denoted by the alphabet i.e. A,B,C.
Row :- the rows are the horizontal makers in the worksheet and are denoted by number i.e. 1,2,3
Cell : cells are the basics rectangular building blocks of a spreadsheet. they are assigned an address , generally referred to as a cell reference, according to their column and row ( e.g.. the cell in column B at row 3 is referenced cell B3 ). First cell address in a worksheet is A1,

Active cell:-  In an excel worksheet, the  active cell is the cell with the black border data can only  be entered into the active cell

Ribbon: The ribbon is designed to help you quickly find the commands that you need to complete a task commends are organized logical groups, which are collected  together under  tabs.

Formula bar:-  located below the ribbon used to enter and edit data in cells
Name box: the Name box shows the cell reference or the name of active cell . for a range cell reference is shown

Vertical scroll bar:- this bar is used to move left and right in a worksheet.

Horizontal scroll bar:  this bar is used to move left and right in a worksheet.

Worksheet Navigation tabs:  By default, every workbook has 3 sheets. you are able to navigation clicking on the sheet tab

Insert  worksheet Button:  Click the insert New Worksheet button to insert a new worksheet in your

                                                    Some Excel specification 

Sheets in a workbook            :     limited by available memory ( default is 3 sheets )
Minimum number of rows
In a worksheet                        :                                     1,048,576 rows
Maximum number of columns In a worksheet:         16,384 columns
Column width                        :                                      255 characters
Row heights:                                                                  409 points
Page breaks:                                                                  1026 horizontal and vertical
Total number of character that:                                  32,767 character
A cell can contain Undo levels:                                    100

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