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Write a summary of the fourth canto.

Write a summary of the fourth canto.

At the beginning of the fourth canto, Dinkar introduced Bhishma as Gajraj and Pannaraja. He was mortal and filled with the force of heroic life on death and was suppressed on the morrow, Pitamah also tells the story of war, Dharmaraja, telling his life story. They reduce

Write a summary of the fourth canto.

Yudhishthira's Gilani by giving a detailed description of the reasons for the Mahabharata war, but Mahabharata Summer's poetry also invades itself by saying that if I had chosen the path of justice at the right time and would have challenged the misdemeanor then today There is no sin.

The father says this past that the healer of justice invites war, that in the pursuit of justice, fighting is life-threatening, the charge of self is not a father. Sin is silently accepting injustice. The sinner senses the Santi policy as cowardice. Due to which they are empowered to do more injustice. Similarly, policy and injustice motivate war.

The Mahabharata was not just a battle of two families, but an explosion of the fire that was burning in the minds of the underprivileged people, Karna wanted to pledge Arjuna Buddha, Drupada wanted to avenge his humiliation from the drone, Sukuni Pitra wanted to repay many Nripa was disgusted with Shrikrishna's reform work. Many mutual quarrels had taken place and their two teams were formed.

Man wants something else and something happens. Keshav wanted to establish a united unity in the country by making you an emperor. That is why the Rajsuya Yag was made. But the result turned upside down, in spite of the hostility of many defeated kings.
Keeping in mind these contradictions and errors in the establishment of Chuturtha Canto, the poet writes that the main motivation of the poet is not as much in establishing social justice or parity as it is in the tradition of Dinkar to take this critique of the war towards the execution of violent elements. It also confirms things.

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