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A bamboo and his family

A bamboo and his family

There were a total of 7 members living in a family of bamboo and his family of bamboo, his wife, mother, father, two brothers and two bulls, you would think that the reason for the two bulls being a member of the house of the bamboo.

A bamboo and his family

The two bamboos of the bamboos: These two bales of the bamboo ones are special because when the bamboos were born and they were born together on the same day, due to which these two bells are very important for the bamboos. It is special, the name of those two bellows is Rella and Bella, they are both born friends of bamboo. Rella's color is black and Bella's color is white,

Bambo's wife: Bamboo's wife's name was mine, my bamboo was married to me at a very young age, almost bamboo's age was 17 years and Mary's age was 15 years. Mary used to feel very keen to read that Bamboo's real name was Reko and Reco used to go from a very young age, mainly because his sick mother, father had died. Due to which Reko was working from a very young age.

The mother of bamboo wala was also very worried, and her main reason was that the father of Reko had died, due to which all the burden of the house came on the head of Reco. And the bamboo one had to be reduced from a very young age. And the financial condition of Reko's house also became very bad. Due to which the bamboo one had to be made in the temple after the bamboo was made plain, the burden on the reco also increased.

That's why Reco was walking in his village field one day when a Vapri was passing by and then he sees that there is a lot of bamboo shrub in the field, then he asks the reco (bamboo one) sitting near Vapari that so many Whose are all the bamboo trees, then Reko (Mary's husband) says that all these bamboo shrubs belong to us. We want to buy all this bamboo, how much will you sell? The bamboo Wala did not know its price, only then Vapri says that we will give 5 takas of par and then this 5 taka could last a whole week for the reco. , Due to which the reco (bamboo one) said to that Vapri that if he will sell, then Vapri said that you will have to reach this bamboo bush till my house.

Since then, the Reco (bamboo) used to cut the bamboos every day and sell the bamboo to Jaya.
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