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10 major rivers of India (भारत की 10 प्रमुख नदिया ,उद्गम स्थान ,लंबाई ,बिशेषता )

10 major rivers of India (10 major rivers of India, place of origin, length, characteristics)

10 major rivers of India, place of origin, length, characteristics

1 Sutlej River
Place of Origin: - It is considered to be the place of origin near Rakas Tal, located near the Mansarovar lake. (It is 4,555 m above sea level)
Estuary: - Chenab River
Length: - 1500 km
Its length in India: - India may its length is about 1050 km.
Characteristic: - The Shivalik mountain range is cut into Punjab.

2 Indus River
Place of Origin: - Sanso Khyavach Glacier near Mansarovar Lake in Tibet
Outfall: - Arabian Sea
Length: - 2,880
Its length in India: - 1114
Specialty: - There are many tributaries of Indus river like the Sutlej river, Ravi river, China river, Beas river, and Jhelum river. The history of this river is very old, Indus valley has become famous for its banks.

3 Beas River
Place of Origin: 4330 m above Vyas Kund near Rohtak Pass
Length: - 470 km
Its length in India: 470 km approx
Characteristic: - This is the specialty of this river that this river reaches Dhol Dhar mountain through Kullu valley and reaches the plains of Punjab.
Note: - Kallu is a very popular tourist destination.

4 Ganges River
Place of Origin: River Ganga originates from Gomukh Himani near Gangotri. (Its height is more than 3900 m above sea level)
Length: - 2524
Its length in India: - 2424
Estuary: - Bay of Bengal
Characteristic: - Ganga is the combined name of Bhagirathi and Alak Nanda rivers. This river is considered very sacred in India and Hindu society and it is also worshiped, in Hinduism, this river is given the status of the mother. The Ganges provides water to nearly half of India. And it is the longest river in India.

5 Yamuna River
Place of Origin: Umonotri Himani (Its sea-level A elevation 6316 m) located on the western slope of Bandar Poonch
Length: - 1375
Its length in India: - 1375
Estuary: - Ganges River in Prayag
Specialty: - Its tributaries are Chambal, Betwa River, and Cane River, these three rivers are also the capital of India along its banks, due to which its importance also increases further.

6 Brahmaputra River
Place of Origin: Himani, located at a distance of 80 km from Mansarovar Lake, Tibet
Length: - 2900 km
Its length in India: - 916 km
Estuary - Bay of Bengal
Specialty: - This river makes three countries to provide water to China, India, and Bangladesh. The major tributaries of this river are Dibong River, Cesari, Dihang, etc.

7 Krishna River
Place of Origin: Western Ghat Pahar near Mahabaleshwar (1341 m above sea level)
Length: - 800 km
Its length in India: - 800 km
Estuary: - Bay of Bengal
Characteristic: Its main tributaries are Bhima, Musi, Amravati, Koina Panchganga, etc.

8 Vanas River
Place of Origin: Khomnor Hill
Length: - 480
Its length in India: - 480
Outfall; -Chambal
Characteristic: - It is the only river that completes the entire cycle in Rajasthan.

9 Godavari River
Place of Origin: From the hill near Trimbak village in Nashik district
Length: - 1465
Its length in India: - 1465
Estuary: - Bay of Bengal
Attribution: - It is also called as Bridhganga or The Ganges.

10 Cauvery
Place of Origin: Brahma Giri hill in Durg district of Karnataka
Length: - 800
Its length in India: - 800
Estuary: - Bay of Bengal
Characteristic: - It is also called Ganges of India.

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